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PRESS RELEASE: Newly Revised Edition of Taming the Tiger – OUT NOW


First released in 2004, this classic testimony continues to be a bestseller – and Tony has become a greatly appreciated international evangelist and mission leader who boldly challenges countless numbers of people all over the world to respond to God’s boundless love. He has traveled all over the world proclaiming the Gospel message and testifying to the miraculous transformation which Jesus Christ has brought about in his life. Every year Tony Anthony addresses many thousands of people, speaking wherever he is given the opportunity – including in prisons, schools, universities, churches, concerts, small groups and city-wide events where many people receive Christ into their lives.

Taming the Tiger continues to be a favourite evangelistic tool used by many to introduce friends and family to Christ. In addition to a new foreword, afterword and cover design, this revised edition also includes editorial corrections, updates and a helpful timeline charting Tony’s extraordinary life, making this newly revised edition of Taming the Tiger a must-have.

A more comprehensive summary of questions, accompanied by relevant responses, has been placed in the public domain, and can be accessed through: This website features many photographs, legal documents, letters, references, links to websites and video footage which could not be included in this book. We encourage you to read Tony’s revised edition as it really does…PACK A PUNCH!



Romania Mission 2014

The Romania Mission Team been ministering in a different prison each day, and it has been a real joy to see men give their lives to Jesus at every meeting – praise God.     It was a real honour to share the Gospel with the inmates at PENITENCIARUL BRĂILA , and quite a large… Continue Reading

End of Mission to the region of Calabria in Southern Italy

Mario Lamboglia of L’Eco provided the media coverage to the regions of Basilicata, Calabria and Campania on the overall mission through a televised interview and regional newspaper article: Interview with Tony Anthony & Salvatore Arabia   Interview with Pastor Giuseppe Liaso   Interview with Pastor Petrone Cataldo Please pray for an extensive amount of… Continue Reading

TV Ministry with PAROLE DI VITA in Silla di Sassano

  Salvatore and I have been serving for the last two days alongside Pastor Cataldo Petrone who heads up a wide reaching National Television Ministry that broadcast across Italy, called PAROLE DI VITA ( Their broadcasting coverage is able to reach 35 million viewers across the country, 24 hours a day, 7 days of the… Continue Reading

Meeting in Montescaglioso

The team has stopped in Montescaglioso to minister the Gospel over the next two days in partnership with a local evangelical fellowship that meet in the area.  Yesterday evenings meeting gave the opportunity to share the Gospel message and the vast majority of people responded to the invitation to receive Jesus into their hearts.  Our… Continue Reading

Tony Anthony’s Evangelistic Mission to Calabria

Please pray for the evangelistic meetings taking place across Calabria and the surrounding areas over the next 12 days (10th to 22nd October 2014).   Friday, 10th October: Arrival at Lamezia Airport / Transfer to Crotone Saturday, 11th: Rossano Sunday, 12th: Lamezia Sunday, 12th: Vibo Valentia Monday, 13th: Crotone Tuesday, 14th: Montescaglioso Wednesday, 15th: Montescaglioso… Continue Reading

Singapore Visit 2014

  The last leg of my mission trip to South East Asia has brought me to Singapore, where I have had the chance to work alongside a number of churches and ministries to help further the spread and proclamation of the Gospel.   It has been a great blessing to speak and share at the… Continue Reading