Raphael Molnar and Tony Anthony head into Rüdesheim for an early start to the day to do some street evangelism at the local Christmas markets. It was partly a training exercise as well as an opportunity to spread and proclaim then Gospel. The time was fruitful distributing tracts utilising various creative methods and having some key one to one conversations.

After a working lunch discussing Avanti Germany, they both set off for Christliche Gemeinde Weitefeld. The team were hosted by local Christian leader / elder, Hans-Herbert and Jorg Thielmann. Tony and Christina (a very gifted local interpreter) spoke at a packed out event where local believers reported that over 70% of those in attendance were visitors attending for the first time. Several extra rooms had to be set up (with a video link in one) as there were so many extra people. The preaching of the Gospel was effective, and many responded to Christ.

Please continue to pray for the spiritual climate in Germany to be transformed by the Gospel, and for the many plans in motion that Avanti Germany have in hand for 2012!!!!