Many young offenders give their lives to Christ at HMPYOI Thorn Cross

Prison Chaplain, Shawn Verney arranged for a special service for a large gathering of inmates at HMPYOI Thorn Cross. Many of the regular volunteers and Christian workers from Prison Fellowship and other associated ministries were in attendance. The service was attended by over 80 inmates that sat very respectfully throughout the event. Gifted singer and songwriter duo, Keith and Jenny Raby made a great commitment to travel across from Blackpool to lead our time in worship. John Lawson and Tony Anthony shared their testimonies and the Gospel message in a clear way, and about a third to half of the group of young men made a public response to receive Christ as their Saviour. Many of the organising committee commented at the end that there was ever such a strong sense of the presence of the Holy Spirit it the room and working in people’s lives. It is great to be reminded that if it was not for the power of the Holy Spirit such meetings would be helpless and hopeless. We continue to praise God for being such a mighty Saviour!!!