Mission to Praia a Mare



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The last leg of our mission to the region of Calabria in southern Italy has taken us to Praia a Mare.  Situated along the Tyrrhenian Sea, this coastal town situated within the province of Cosenza has a population of approximately 6,870 people.



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My Italian Publisher, Pastor Giuseppe Laiso and many of his family such as Vittorio & Franca, Anita, Umberto and the wider family that live in this area and it has been a great honour to come back here again to preach the Gospel.  A great effort has been put into organizing this mission, and a great many invites have been extended to friends and family from the region.  In addition to the evangelistic events there have been great opportunities to share from the Word of God with the small local fellowship of believers that gather each week at Chiesa Cristiana Evangelica.

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Many plans are already in place to run future evangelistic campaigns as well as to provide training to local Christians in how to do effective evangelism.  Please pray that the Gospel would spread across the country to those that have never heard it before.


Tony and Giuseppe in 2013

(Picture taken in 2013)