Overcoming Evil





The destructive power of this epic evil event taking place in Iraq makes so many people feel paralyzed and helpless. And that’s what evil does best; it makes us feel powerless.


But we’re not. Most of us experience evil on a smaller, more personal scale. And for us, the apostle Paul outlined the proper response. He said we are to abhor evil (Romans 12:9), not to repay it with more evil (verse 17), and not to be overcome by it (verse 21).




The true victim of evil is goodness—the goodness that God designed as part of creation for everyone to enjoy (Genesis 1:4-31). It is surprising then when Paul concludes that the casualty of evil is also its conqueror (Romans 12:21).


Evil gets all the headlines, but God’s goodness is stronger, and He wants us to use it on His behalf to overcome His enemy.




If in your personal life you’re facing the effects of someone’s evil actions, these Scriptures may be helpful: Proverbs 20:22; Matthew 5:38-48; 1 Thessalonians 5:15; 1 Peter 3:8-17.


As light overcomes darkness, goodness can overcome evil.





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