Romania Mission 2014

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The Romania Mission Team been ministering in a different prison each day, and it has been a real joy to see men give their lives to Jesus at every meeting – praise God.




It was a real honour to share the Gospel with the inmates at PENITENCIARUL BRĂILA , and quite a large number of this group made a public decision to receive Christ as their Saviour.  It is only Jesus that can bring the conviction into a person’s life – and we must continue to pray for those that have made a decision for Christ to continue to walk with God.


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Last night’s meeting was held at a very large Gypsy gathering in Toflea (pronounced as Tofla) where the team were given a very warm welcome. Several hundred people were in attendance, and after some singing, Matt van Beuningen, John Lawson and I were able to share our testimonies and the Gospel message with the help of a young anointed student called Moise Eusebiu who did all of the interpreting. There were a number of largely elderly people that came to the front of the meeting hall to give their lives to Christ, which was an amazing blessing – praise God!


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The mission team was able to share the Gospel with a small number of inmates at PENITENCIARUL GALAŢI this morning where a further number of inmates wanted to put their faith in Jesus Christ – and it was wonderful to lead several of them through the prayer of salvation.




The prison authorities were very supportive of this mission and all that was shared – and it was very encouraging to hear one of the prison officials highlight the value of the inner change that comes through accepting Jesus Christ into your heart.  Please pray for the ongoing work that is happening in these prisons each week.


God bless you and keep on keeping on…


Tony Anthony

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  1. Alex

    We would be very glad to see you in Russia!!!

    1. Tony Anthony

      Thank you for the email, and I would be very glad to come to preach the Gospel in Russia. Please do email me to discuss further at: God bless you. Tony

  2. Emma

    Amazing! Praise God! I wish I was there in Romania and join you in the ministry. But I moved in London with my family. We will wait for you in Romanian churches as well to share your experiences! God be with you!

  3. Dr. Basil Jayatilaka

    Hi Tony
    Great work God is accomplishing through your ministry of declaring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to deliver God’s “treasures” whose souls and spirits have been long imprisoned and fast bound in sin and nature’s night.
    Who is on the Lord’s side? Who for Him will go? Lord, here am I, send ME.
    Basil & Grace
    8 Nov 2014

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